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Meet & Greet BBQ Beach Party w/ Music @ The White Gazebo - 6:30 PM


Foccacia Grill Pool Party w/ Music @ The Spot - 12:30 PM


Family Style Dinner @ Santa Fe - 7:00 PM


Mayan Market @ Jungle Rock - 12:00 PM

Concert @ The Salon- 8:30 PM


​Gala Dinner @ Fuentes Culinary Theater - 7:30 PM

Music Entertainment

Jamie Richards

Steve Helms

Daniele Puleo, owner of Cibo Divino Marketplace is a thirty-year veteran of the restaurant industry. Puleo found his footing in the food and wine markets while growing up in Sicily. At the age of 22, Puleo packed a handful of Lira, some broken English and left Italy to pursue his American dream. Puleo landed in Scottsdale, Arizona and the young chef opened the quaint Tiramisu restaurant. Next stop for Chef Puleo was LA to earn his chops with the best in the business. Puleo was hired as manager of the landmark restaurant, Rex. Rex was the Hollywood backdrop to A-list celebrities. Here, Puleo oversaw a 35,000 wine bottle cellar. The young Sicilian was making his mark in the demanding city. He was soon hosting prestigious events, including the Grammy’s, Oscar’s, multiplePremiers and celebrity parties.

Bo Phillips

Chef Jon Stevens was born in Mendocino, California and raised in San Francisco, California. He began his culinary career in San Francisco at the age of 19 working in his Uncle Phillip’s kitchen at the Canterbury Hotel. Almost immediately, Jon felt a strong passion for cooking and turned to his uncle for advice on how to turn his passion into a career. Rather than take the somewhat traditional route of culinary school, he advised Jon to pursue a business degree from San Francisco City College while simultaneously tapping into the vast wealth of culinary expertise in the area. He served as chef consultant with Mico Rodriguez on his most recent project, Mesero Miguel, while working on plans for his own restaurant launch as well. Jon’s dream came to fruition in late spring 2014 with the opening of Stock & Barrel, an American wood fired grill located in the bustling Bishop Arts District.

Jon Stevens

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What does the University of Texas,Lone Star Park and the Texas Rangers have in common? The Steve Helms Band and the hit single “Nowhere But Texas”. This new found Texas anthem can be heard playing loud and proud at all UT sporting events, at ball games for both the Texas Rangers and the Fort Worth Cats ball clubs and at the Lone Star Park horse races. Helms made his splash onto the Texas Music scene with this first hit single reaching #10 on the Texas Music chart and Texas regional Radio Report. Hitting the charts with three additional singles – “What’s It Gonna Take” reaching #14, “Between You and Me” reaching #21 and “You Make It Easy” reaching #30 – fans and industry professionals alike soon discovered that this prolific singer/songwriter is a serious contender in this genre. 

Culinary Specialists

Daniele Puleo

Hailing from Stillwater, Oklahoma, Bo Phillips brings an eclectic variety of musical influences with him to the stage. From the first note until the last encore, you can be sure that you will leave with a smile. His debut album, “Dirt Road”, features all original music, and three top 40 songs on the Texas charts. You will hear soulful ballads, gritty lead rides, toe-tapping favorites, and a couple of funny moments. His sophomore album, “Fishin’ with Grandpa” takes it to an entirely new level. His second album boasts another three songs in the top 40, but also two in the top 10, and one, “Red Dirt Girl” that topped the chart at number 1.  His third studio album, “Nashville Checklist” finds its way into even more mature and thought-out lyrics and attention-grabbing melodies.  With two of the songs already cracking the top 40, the cd is poised to take his music to a whole new level.


Join 2 Getaway Travel and Chef's Daniele Puleo and Jon Stevens for a culinary adventure to touch your senses of smell and taste, a look at some of the artists of the Riviera Maya to touch your sense of sight and the musical art of Steve Helms, Jamie Richards and Bo Phillips to touch your hearing.  All this takes place July 23-29 at the Gourmet Inclusive El Dorado, Casitas Royale Resort & Spa and Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma.  

Jamie Richards has spent his whole career just this side of the spotlight but, with one glance at his busy touring schedule and impressive discography, you wouldn’t know it. By not being much of a social butterfly, and not submitting to the powers that be, Richards has been able to make music and entertain his loyal fans one simple way: his way. By putting the song and the music first, and surrounding himself with like-minded people, Richards has carved out a very unique and comfortable place in the Texas scene. As he gears up to release his latest album, LATEST & GREATEST, he is looking to reach new audiences as well as reconnect with those who have followed him since the beginning.